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Bunny Lu Adoptions: Educating and Promoting Rabbit Care

Mary Ellen Whitehouse lives in a zoo, so to speak. She works 365 days a year taking care of 45 to 60 rescue rabbits of a variety of breeds at her facility. But she wouldn’t have it any other way.

"You know there’s nothing more in life that I would rather be doing," says Whitehouse, president and founder of Bunny Lu Adoptions, Inc.

Bunny Lu Adoptions, Inc. is a volunteer not-for-profit domestic rabbit rescue and education organization in northern Virginia that is dedicated to educating people about having a house rabbit and promoting care that will give them the best chance at a happy, healthy, long life. Bunny Lu also provides temporary foster care to abandoned and neglected rabbits and arranges adoptions into loving, indoor, forever homes.

Whitehouse’s passion for taking care of rabbits all started when a friend asked her to visit pet stores and educate people on not getting rabbits for their kids just because it was Easter. The next thing she knew, it had mushroomed.

Whitehouse and Bunny Lu Adoptions strongly advocate a proper nutritional diet for rabbits. After having a very bad experience with a certain brand of feed, Whitehouse immediately turned to MAZURI® feeds to find a feed formula that would provide the optimal nutrition for her rescue rabbits. At the time, MAZURI feed was working on a new formula for its rabbit pellets and asked Whitehouse to try it. The rabbits made the transition to the new MAZURI Timothy Rabbit pellets seamlessly.

"The bunnies would smell the two different types of pellets and then they would go straight to the new MAZURI Timothy Rabbit pellet every time," says Whitehouse. "It is a very appealing pellet to them and they like the taste of it. We were very happy with it here. I think the new MAZURI rabbit pellet is a superior product. The rabbits have done very well on it so we have promoted it ever since."

"It takes a lot of commitment to own and take care of a rabbit," says Whitehouse. "If you are interested in raising a rabbit, try volunteering at a rescue first. You can help take care of the animal, which means cleaning litter boxes, clipping their nails, grooming, everything."

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