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LitterBox Training

Rabbits are easily trained to use the litter box. The key is to set them up to succeed because rabbits do not respond well to punishment.

Begin by confining your bun to a small area with a litter box in one corner. Your bun will know this is her bathroom. As soon as she starts using the box consistently, you can expand her running area. She will go back to her litter box when it is time. Continue expanding her area gradually until she has the run of the house.

If you notice she is going to the bathroom elsewhere, limit her to her small area again and/or place another litter box there.

Use positive reinforcement in the way of praise and healthy treats.

Throw some hay in the box since rabbits like to nibble while going to the bathroom.

Pine and cedar chips should not be used for litter since studies indicate the oils used to make them cause respiratory and liver problems in rabbits. Use a paper based litter such as Carefresh or Yesterday's News, wood pellets, newspaper, or hay.