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Living Happily Ever After

This page has pictures and stories of some of our alumni.
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A Note from Sherman's Mom (08/2006)

Sherman Enjoying His Kingdom Sherman is just fine and is completely loved by everyone....even the dogs. When we first got him he acted as if he belonged here. The rabbits love him. Emily and I always have them up playing with us and with people. Sherman is like a dog he begs for food all the time and literally throws toys at you. He is extremely well behaved. 1 little girl up the street always brings him flowers and talks to him. Other neighbors bring him food, treats, toys, and lots of attention. I'm really glad I adopted him.

Archie and April I (07/2006)

Archie and April

Hi there! My girlfriend and I wanted to share a funny story that happened a while back to our bunny mom. But first allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Archie and I'm a black and white mini lop and my girlfriend's name is April and she is a solid black lion head lop. You may be thinking to yourself "I seem to remember another pair of bunnies by the same name." Well, this is my funny story.

My mom likes to check in on petfinder.com to see what new bunnies have come to call BunnyLu their home. One day while looking only at the names of the bunnies she came across a pair named "Archie and April". My mom became panicked thinking that our bunny dad had talked to Mary Ellen and some how convinced her to put us up for adoption without telling our mom. After that horrifying thought passed she looked this time at the pictures of all the buns and noticed it looked nothing like us.

After mom had a giggle she called Mary Ellen to tell her the story so that she could also have a good laugh. Mary Ellen then told our mom the story of the other "Archie and April". You see, a pair of bunnies had come to BunnyLu and the male bunny was named Archie. Mary Ellen couldn't think of a name for the little girl so she thought the only logical choice was April. So there are now two sets of bunnies with the names Archie and April, but we are the originals!!

Winnie and Rowdy (06/2006)

Winnie and Rowdy

Winnie and Rowdy relaxing at home.

Harley Report (03/2006)


Harley's Mom says: Just wanted to let you know how Mojo, who’s now Harley, is doing.

The first day in the apartment, he was eating his greens and hay, but not his rabbit chow, and I couldn’t tell if he’d been drinking. (I tried putting some water in a cup and showing him how the bottle worked). When I came back from work on Monday, his water bottle was half empty and his food dish was completely empty.

Harley has been doing very well since. He likes sprinting around the apartment when I let him out of his playpen and his new favorite game is “hide under the bed”. He really doesn’t chew much at all. He’s such a sweetheart!

Harley and I would like to thank you very much for all of your help.

A Note from Calvin and Hobbs (01/2006)

Calvin and Hobbs

Remember us--Calvin and Paprika (mom has now changed my name to Hobbs) Everyone thinks that's cuter!!! We're home now and enjoying ourselves immensely. Our new home is great and we stay in the kitchen all day long and have the run of that room. It's fun.

Sometimes Calvin escapes into the living room and mom has a hard time finding him. He loves to do that. As for me, I just stay put. I'm still a little shy but getting better. We get good meals throughout the day and like to play in the morning and evening. We just snooze in the middle of the day. Calvin and I are such good buddies. He has finally stopped "showing his affection" for me so much. I just used to roll my eyes but he is a good little boy and companion. He licks me all the time and keeps me clean. Calvin is the playful, mischievous one. Never know what to expect from him. I'm the shy quiet one and just watch the world go by.

Mom is recovering from knee replacement. She had a hard time and there were some complications but she is improving with each day. She has time to fool with us each day after physical therapy even though she is very tired. We both love her. What a great mom! Mom is attaching some pictures of us. She really hasn't taken any good ones yet as she can't get down on the floor as of yet. But more will come. Thanks for all you did for us while we stayed with you. You are a great mom too. Say hi to all the bunnies for us and wish them luck in finding a great home like we have. We love you all.

Love and bunny hugs
Calvin and Hobbs and mom too (Janelle :-)

Knucklehead in His New Home (01/2006)

Knucklehead Goes for the Berries

Knucklehead was transferred to Tidewater Rabbit Rescue and found a new home from there. Looks like he is having a great time and has already trained his new people!

Katie Enjoys Her Hay (12/2005)

Katie Loves Hay!

Katie's mom wrote: "Just wanted you to know that Katie obviously loves the new timothy hay. She grabbed a huge mouth full and ran all over the room!"

Jeffrey and Friends (11/2005)

Jeffrey Chowing Down

I am happy to report that Jeffrey is doing well.

I have attached a couple of pictures of him doing what he does best -- eating:):)

Jeffrey now has two "little" sisters. A 2-year-old Great Dane named Kendall and a 1-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier named Jada. Jeffrey is very good to his "little" sisters -- he comes over to the edge of his gated area and allows them to lick him. However, he also lets them know that he is the "big" brother and they are only allowed the "pleasure" of licking him when he decides and only for as long as he allows. Both Kendall and Jada love Jeffrey very much and are really fascinated by him.

In Memoriam: Thor (10/2005)


Thor had a happy life and was well-loved in his forever home, but has now crossed the Bridge after losing a battle with cancer.

A Note from Jenny (02/2005)

I am sure you remember me, Jenny. You let me go live with a wonderful family in Winchester, VA. I just love it here and they take such great care of me and I am spoiled rotten.

Well, Sunday was my birthday and I had a great time with new toys and my very own "carrot cake". My "carrot cake" came on a lettuce "plate" and it was topped with banana and apple "icing" and had a dried papaya and raisin "candle" and oh boy was it yummy. I think it should be my birthday every day if that is what I will get.

The only part I didn't like is posing with my birthday hat (see the picture). My furless mom said I only have to wear the hat on my first birthday so I guess it wasn't too bad. I still love my hunny-hus-bun, Sherman, a whole bunch and he loves me and we make such a cute couple.

Okay, it is almost time for dinner and there is no way I want to miss that. Furless mom says I am a "solid chunk" of a bunny so I have a reputation to keep up. Plus, I don't want anyone to know I was on the computer. It isn't easy to type with paws and if people find out they just might turn me into a "one-bunny-show" and I don't want that. Take care.