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Rabbits and Children

Rabbits are not recommended for children under the age of 8 years. A child's constant activity and noise level are very stressful for rabbits to endure, and both the rabbit and child risk injury when a young child tries to pick up a rabbit. If you have children and are interested in adding a rabbit to your home, please contact us to help you determine if a rabbit is right for your family.

Even if your child is one of those delightfully responsible people who has already done all the right research and is old enough to handle the rabbit's daily care, there are some additional considerations if the rabbit is intended to "belong" to the child. Wat when your child leaves for college, or if he simply loses interest in the pet, the rabbit should not lose his home as a result. For that reason the parents need to want and like the rabbit, too. If everyone in the family shares an interest in the rabbit he stands a much better chance of being a permanent and well-loved family member!